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Dear Tibetan friends

Dear Tibetan friends.

On this day of Losar my heart cries for those who are imprisoned in their own country.

I'm living in a country where people had to hide in WW2 not to get caught to be sent to concentration camps. We all know the story of Anne Frank.

It saddens me and it makes me ashamed that not all people here know about the self-immolations in Tibet. People are too busy, consider Tibet too far away, or keep their heart closed.

The past year 26 young Tibetan people have set themselves on fire as a cry out for religious freedom and freedom of culture. How many more have died without us knowing?
People who speak out are arrested. People who speak with reporters are jailed and often tortured.
People who were allowed to leave the country to attend the Kalachakra teachings in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India were sent to re-education camps when they were traveling home.
Even Tibetans in Kathmandu, Nepal, are not safe anymore.

The chinese military have closed monasteries and temples, pictures of the Dalai Lama are forbidden, the Tibetan region has been closed for tourists, reporters and foreign politicians. Tibetan people can't get out.
Tanks are on the streets.

This is not a time for festive events.

Not a time to wish you a happy new year.

But I'm with you in spirit.

Joining those who are fasting, joining by burning insence, joining by carrying the Tibetan flag to show solidarity.

And above all joining to make the world understand we all should be free to worship, to speak, to honor our own culture and keep it alive.

I will educate my children, and my children's children.
Teach them compassion and love for all others.
I will teach my friends and their children.
I will try to teach all those I don't know, even though my voice is small and many don't want to hear the truth of life.

So I wish you a year of hope,
a year to find out you've got friends in other cultures who respect your people and culture enough to stand up and urge their governments to take action.

Let's be silent for those who died, suffer from torture, are in prisons, and have to face re-education.
Let's speak out for justice and human rights.

May this be a year to work together for Tibet.

Om manu padme hum.


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